once upon a dream

Founded during a global pandemic

It began with an idea to create a salon that no one had seen before. The pandemic came along and took the world by surprise. Like many others, we faced a battlefield of challenges but managed to successfully triumph. Our team worked hard to evolve the initial idea into producing one of Sydney’s newest and most talked about salons.

This is the story of Lunula.

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We offer manicures and pedicures that focus on the integrity and health of the nails. Gel colour, nail arts and designs are an optional add-on.

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We specialise in lash extensions, lifts and tints. We offer complimentary consultations to find which style suits your eyes.

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Brows are arguably one of the crucial features of the face. We offer waxing and lamination of the brows.

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We offer face and body hair removal using hot and strip wax.

The service list at Lunula has been curated to be convenient for our clients. You can book to have your nails, lashes and brows all serviced within the same day. Alternatively, you can come in with a friend or family member to spend some quality time together whilst tending to your beauty needs.

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About the FOunder

A pharmacist turned business owner

The founder, Charmy Choe, was born in South Korea, migrated to New Zealand and raised on the Gold Coast in Australia. Her upbringing was diversified and during her years of traveling she had a taste and glimpse of the beauty industry around the world.

After graduating high school, she moved to Sydney where she completed her undergraduate and masters degree in the field of medical sciences and pharmacy. During her university years, she utilised her researching skills in scouting for the best local beauty salons and failed to find one that suited her standards that were ever-so apparent overseas.

Throughout her pharmaceutical career of 5 years, she often pondered why Australia was behind on the global beauty trends. When the issue seemed to be common amongst her colleagues and friends she decided to be the one to embark on the journey to create the first of its kind.

This is how Lunula was born – 18th of October, 2021.